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Outrage Information

» Founder «
Blitz U, Morris, Trent, Yawnz

» Leader «
Jamz, Pixel

» High Council «
2nd, Salvo

» Warlord «

» Council «

» Captain «
Jare, Lee

» Clan Chat «


» Uniform «

Purple HatTeam-10 Cape

» Discord / TS3 «

Click to connect

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best pov with best music of outrage versus legacy f2p battle

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added a special irl video of jamz as the intro 

added my favorite disney movie songs hope u like them thx

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yes m8



Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all.

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this video actually owns



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yes jamz white power




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l00l good pov tho

Former Ranks

Apex ~ Council
Misfits ~ Council

Special Forces ~ Officer


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This is ownage

A man with no motive is a man no one suspects.

Always keep your foes confused.

If they don’t know who you are or what you want,

They can’t know what you plan to do next.




Elite - Murd - Although you were unlucky enough to be born a new zealander, you still manage to wake up early and attend trips frequently. As well as active in both servers.


Officer - Murd - Murd you are in this spot today because of your great potential and your enthusiasm for the clan. You are responsible, dedicated, and always giving it 110% on the battlefield and off the battlefield. Keep it up.


Murd - You've been quite positive about EoC and helped out quite a bit at all of the events we have. I know that you will continue to help us and grow as a captain as I continue to grow as a leader


Manager - Murd - Murd, what can I say? You've been one of our longest serving officers around. You've always provided us with great advice, are mature and a great guy to be around with. Not just that but you've stepped up tremendously lately. You've found a way to shine, from hosting unofficial pk trips whenever you can to back up calling, to being a rank members can talk to when they need someone to talk to. You've always wanted to progress, but your timezone held you back often. You've achieved alot and you've progressed alot, so it's time to reward you for your effort. Be the change you wish to see, create your own path and you will get up even higher, eventually. I am looking forward to what the future has in store for us. Congrats Murd.


Congratulations to everyone but especially Murd going from a clueless faggot named murdered ltd into one of the better officers we've seen.


Also really impressed by seeing all these newer faces making an impression.


Looks like I'll have to get re acquainted with everyone come September http://www.sharkbrew.com/community/index.php?/topic/1821-approved-image-hosts/http://eop-rs.net/public/style_emoticons/default/smile.png%5D blocked. Upload At Approved hosts



Warlord - Murd - We are very happy to promote you right now mainly because I know how hard you've worked for this and I know how long you have wanted it. Your dedication to this clan has been incredible over the last 2 years and even though you are a Kiwi you still manage to be one of our most active members. The Warlord rank means really means a lot to me and I hope you take it seriously. I hope you look at this as an opportunity to only step up more and continue to prosper. Your potential is unlimited and we are finally going to be able to see what you are capable of. Welcome to the team Murderer, well deserved.





Murd you’ve been in this position before so you know what we are expecting of you and you also know the responsibilities that come with this rank. We are confident that you will fulfill our expectations and become, yet again, a great warlord. You’ve worked hard since you’ve been back and have honestly been at a lower rank than you deserve so I’m very happy to be able to place you back where you belong. Welcome back to the big dogs.


On a final note, I decided to re-structure the "Leader" rank and promote @http://eop-rs.net/index.php?/user/2470-murd/ to Co-Leader to run the clan alongside myself. Murd, I have witnessed your growth over the years and I'd be lying to myself if I said you weren't one of the best ranks in the years I've been clanning.


Clan Awards/Sigs


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