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Outrage Information

» Founder «
Blitz U, Morris, Trent, Yawnz

» Leader «
Jamz, Pixel

» High Council «
2nd, Salvo

» Warlord «

» Council «

» Captain «
Jare, Lee

» Clan Chat «


» Uniform «

Purple HatTeam-10 Cape

» Discord / TS3 «

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[PSA]Interested in making some money?

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As you view our forums, you will find that Outrage is always up to something, be it a Midweek, PKRI, Miniwars, etc. We are quite clearly the most active Pure Clan on the game and as the most active Pure Clan, this means that our demand can sometimes exceed supply when it comes to clan locations. It is for this reason that we are expanding our network and offering the following:



Weekend rates: 7-10m(Text) & 14-20m(Join.Me)

Midweek rates: 3m/hit or 10m/day


Contacts: @Pixel#0454 - @Robbyy#5580 - @2ndCh4nce#8901 - @Salvo#2658 - @nawe#8256


There is clearly no reason for you to be a part of any clan other than Outrage, unless you're interested in helping us meet our demand.

Due to our high level of activity, you are almost guaranteed to make big money every week.

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