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Exposing the biggest frauds of the Pure Community

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Apparently FO during the EoP rivalry of last year as well as their clan in general have never tolerated doxing, ddosing and any scum nh activity, their only open retalliation that was apparent to their clan as well as enforced was the use of mains, fair play right? Fight fire with fire, but when you claim to have never doxed, never ddosed as well as removed anyone with that intent? You play victims and remove them publicly whilst still doing so behind the scenes?

Word from their former High Council who pretty much ran their clan whilst being there:

[12:55] 7i: foe always been decent at playing the victim card
[12:55] Finn: I figured
[12:55] 7i: pretending not to be involved with doxing or ddosing while being just as bad as eop was
[12:56] Finn: They had like 10man main fallin on me and spammed my irl info
[12:56] Finn: L0l
[12:56] Finn: I got hit off 1hr straight
[12:56] 7i: is this still happening ?
[12:56] Finn: At our 1st rag war
[12:56] Finn: Havent happened in few weeks
[12:56] Finn: But my 1st weekend in O they did it
[12:56] Finn: L0l
[12:57] 7i: yeah there are 4 foe ranks with premade booters that actively use it
[12:57] Finn: I baited them in sb for 5 hours straight after the trip
[12:57] Finn: I got hit off by h2p
[12:57] 7i: k2p is one of em indeed
[12:58] 7i: where did my favorite leak luxx go
[12:58] 7i: he used to be clan friend in here
[13:00] 7i: yeah we had a lot of mains
[13:00] 7i: couldn't case less, played eops game but just slightly better
[13:01] 7i: It's not that nh right now
[13:01] 7i: i mean they got parm who steps out of line and hit somebody off now and than or attempt to dox some1
[13:01] 7i: other than that they got hanu, k2p, remy and divine with booters

So I guess that explains how both me and @Finn were railed offline that weekend as well as the First to 50 versus Rage and the weekend prior to that.

You've abandoned pretty much everything that your clan stood for, you're not even a shadow of your formserselves as everything your clan stood for has been eradicated.

What is FO now? A poor mans EoP, a clan that outpulls the enitre pure community and finds satisfaction crashing clans up 20-30 which their members have been finding boring as of late, they have attempted to better their quality in P2P yet still find no success and still are not willing to prep anyone with a chance of winning against them.

Just close, there's literally no point for you to even continue anymore, everyone that built your clan would be ashamed of what you've turned into.


First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then they fight you. Then you win.❞ 

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foe slumping episode comming soon? omfg cant wait!!

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Watch them somehow turn into the victim after reading this.






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2 minutes ago, Jernt said:

The mighty have fallen



Ex Elite of Eruption of Pures

Ex Council of Olympus










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They have become what they always hated, eop did this to you

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7 minutes ago, Roger said:

They have become what they always hated, eop did this to you











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