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Exposing the biggest frauds of the Pure Community

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Can't hide behind the guise of innocence anymore FO. When will people learn not to be scumbags?




5ad3be13bb213_WinterAwards2018-FutureofIR.gif.d10bb295ef70de841d61f0f91cc9e0c1.gif 5ad3be1749aea_WinterAwards2018-BestP2PWarrer.gif.968d47705335b3993e2902b66dd894a2.gif



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Trash ass clan


First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then they fight you. Then you win.❞ 

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8 hours ago, I Are Black said:

Lol did not expect that. Also that K2P guy sounds like a tranny with a deep voice 




"first, second has wet feathers. wet feathers = more drag while flying = handicap" *Pixel*


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