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  1. Lol did not expect that. Also that K2P guy sounds like a tranny with a deep voice
  2. Fo please prep us. Yawnz is horny.

  3. Times have definitely changed lol.
  4. Buying Bloooo’s location. $100 USD

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    2. Pixel


      tried, gave up.

    3. I Are Black

      I Are Black

      1 hour ago, Pixel said:

      tried, gave up.

      No ones gonna participate if they see YOU gave up 🤦🏾‍♂️

    4. Trent


      I got another $100 on it

  5. Damn dahhg how much you pay @Spark to record himself
  6. The rank color choices prove Jamz can’t dress irl

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    2. krazed


      u aint lieing

    3. Pixel


      man needs to have his acp taken

    4. Matt



  7. Man that is so sick. Really enjoyed the vid
  8. Practice, practice. Practice make perfect, nigga it’s never too late !(Offset voice)!!
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