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Outrage Information

» Founder «
Blitz U, Morris, Trent, Yawnz

» Leader «
Jamz, Pixel

» High Council «
2nd, Salvo

» Warlord «

» Council «

» Captain «
Jare, Lee

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» Uniform «

Purple HatTeam-10 Cape

» Discord / TS3 «

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I Are Black

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  1. pussy ass nigga

    1. Jamz


      if i dont see your black ass on anytime soon, im flying my ass back to canada and yanking you by your head, dumb fuck

  2. Awards coming soon - Yawnz

  3. Welcome to outrage forums dude
  4. See you all this weekend! 
    70+ Dragons! 
  5. hmm I wonder what fo was doing while every other clan was out
  6. When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. Lets get it

  7. First trip with OS outrage. Great job. Big things to come
  8. I Are Black


    God bless Outrage
  9. Big things on the way ~ God Bless Outrage

  10. I Are Black


    Always thought you were a pedephile but this confirms my doubts lmfao.
  11. I Are Black


    @MUUJA why don’t you post a picture of your wheelchair @@Jamz @Yousif
  12. What happens when we start trying
  13. I Are Black


    Lool you’re a fool bro you got your drivers license 4 months ago relax. i just sold my 12 supercharged Audi S4. Was APR stage 2 tuned. 470 to the wheels. Planning to buy a BMW X5m next spring. I’ll post pics of my previous car builds (Audi, G37, G35)

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