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  1. Murd


    Interesting that ever since EoP has gone, there seems to be more cancer than ever and it's mainly coming from the clan who cried wolf
  2. If you get hacked in 2k19 we might have to call you fudog
  3. What a nice run left for max
  4. While fo get smoked in ft50s every week they don't matter, but then when Outrage finally lose something (in this case being a ft50), ft50s are suddenly a big deal? These bully victims have some weird personality disorders
  5. These kind of posts are amusing but I'd be more interested in seeing who's responsible for taking the time to make these. On a side note, naturally friends are an understandable reason to join such clans, but for the people who just do it for the sake of joining a high pulling clan when there's not much competition, it's weird.
  6. Is it true their leader who's been in the leadership for years doesn't have ACP? Asking for a friend
  7. Murd

    Mercy kyp

    Damn so fom scum is doxing fom scum as well....
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