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Outrage Information

» Founder «
Blitz U, Morris, Trent, Yawnz

» Leader «
Jamz, Pixel

» High Council «
2nd, Salvo

» Warlord «

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» Captain «
Jare, Lee

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» Uniform «

Purple HatTeam-10 Cape

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  1. and i thought we were late. just made these for them portfolio almost done, contact me for any work
  2. week and a few days give or take. coulda done it within 4 days-ish, but I love alcohol and my friends too much.
  3. by yours truly. if you're interested in something similar for your team/clique/whatever just pm me. (not cheap tho lol)
  4. do you want the actual dragon render? the one you used is like choppy on the edges

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