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  1. Good job in the fight vs Veng.

  2. I'd assume the max main rental would be in demand. Don't lose ur bank folks l0l.
  3. Massing for fight vs Vengance in 1 hour, be online!

  4. As announced there have been emails going around (as they usually are in waves) with requests to change your RS password. These are potentially FAKE emails. Don't panic if you get one of these emails. If you want to double check simply use the official OSRS website. You will have inbox about the matter if it truly is legit. If you're nervous about the email simply change ur password on the official site without using any re-directions links. Here's a runescape made topic on how to spot fake emails & a list of legit emails: https://support.runescape.com/hc/en-gb/articles/115001257125-Suspicious-emails Obviously most of you know already know about these emails. This is just a precaution.
  5. P2P PK Trip Today - Be online to continue owning.  2pm est 7pm gmt

  6. Salvo


    Surprise surprise fom is pretending to be the victim again.
  7. Just incase you're wondering why im wearing a crystal bow.. I use it to safespot the superior cuz im too lazy to dodge stuff.
  8. Unavailable, but we still own.
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