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  1. L

    Today at 9:14 AM
    bro u know how u can like block ur dick up by squeezing super hard do that when u come and it's like a BB gun rapid fire

  2. ouch yea they dox me too years ago when I app there, funny kinda helps you realize you have nothing to hide.. no1 is perfect, no1 is has any less of a life worth living than anyone. too be critical on the way someone looks or talks or anything is toxic. Cringe as FUCK. don't get me wrong I'm one for a good joke, part of me will always love a little trolling and a little tit for tat. yet it's guys like a high council in foe where his trigger instinct is doing this.. Why people care to SEARCH for stuff like that is beyond cringe. Random pics get posted make your joke go on your way and leave it be.
  3. krazed


    99 and mm2 got my back
  4. krazed


    I madde the acc for the build from day1
  5. krazed


    idk getting close 2 end game.. just found out wtf a bird house was so I guess ill do dat while I finish up diarys... 70 thiev/smith/hunt comic soon =D rc? u can miss me w dat shit
  6. krazed


    relax captain
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