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    It was the correct decision, frustrating, but correct. VAR will be a love/hate relationship with everyone, there needs to be a level to it, that was literally bullshit but at the end of the day, had the ball not used his arm, it wouldn't have reached Jesus in that spot. From a fan perspective, it most definitely ruins football, football is supposed to be a game of emotions, and when those emotions are delayed due to having the correct decision being made, it really does kill the vibe, a goal you are celebrating to then be recorrected a minute down the line is so fucking cancer. But I rather have the right decision being made rather than the wrong one, so many times I have seen fuckery in my games, and we've of course played a part in it from our end too but at the end of the day right decision is what matters most to me, can't be upset with it as it's technical which means no bullshit goals, divers getting a free pen/free kick, etc. @Trippy
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    No, I'm just really shocked at how toxic people can be.
  3. Always Strive & Prosper. What’s understood does not need to be explained. #staytuned

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    papas new car

    l00l dis nice though man
  5. L

    Today at 9:14 AM
    bro u know how u can like block ur dick up by squeezing super hard do that when u come and it's like a BB gun rapid fire

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