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Blitz U, Morris, Trent, Yawnz

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Jamz, Pixel

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2nd, Salvo

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Jare, Lee

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  1. Forums | Recent Events | Youtube Tuesday October 22nd Outrage massed up 29 dragons to f2p prep Legacy. It was a fun prep and we came out with the 3-0 victory, TY for action, Legacy. Round 1: Outrage Starting: 26 - Outrage Ending: 15 Legacy Starting: 26 Round 2: Outrage Starting: 28 - Outrage Ending: 16 Legacy Starting: 28 Round 3: Outrage Starting: 27 - Outrage Ending: 10 Legacy Starting: 27
  2. was fun big own, hope more clans come back out again at this time tomorrow
  3. Prep today

    Massing at 5:30PM EST/10:30PM GMT

    Starting at 6:30PM EST/11:30PM GMT

    Be on!

  4. Jamz


  5. Great job this weekend fellas, keep up the performances. Keep an eye out for the events this week.

  6. Forums | Recent Events | Youtube On this breezy Sunday, Outrage ventured out into the P2P wilderness with a peak of 45 homies, we found ourselves at the center of a few clusters as well as coming out strong in our 1v1's. Great work from all who attended today! Pixel Lee White Page Bday Started out our trip with a nice 1v2 against Apex and BP, taking on both clans at once, eventually other clans crashed and we regrouped at CA where we caught Legacy in a box. Eventually we had to teleport out as Rage rushed the fight. Caught Supremacy and DC in multi east of Bandits and owned both. Caught BP in multi east of bandits and owned them also. Set up a fight against Fatality at FOG, took an early lead and never looked back. Eventually Supremacy rushed and we switched focus to them but ultimately had to teleport out as Rage came through with 80. Outrage Starting/Ending: 43/34 Fatality Starting/Ending: 40/15 Set up another fight against Fatality, this time at Boneyard. With some good freezes, we caught them in a big clump and that was all she wrote. Gf dudes. Outrage Starting/Ending: 45/36 Fatality Starting/Ending: 40/0
  7. Sunday P2P Trip


    See you there

  8. Forums | Recent Events | Youtube On this wonderful Saturday, Outrage set out with a peak of 46 dragons ready to tear shit up, as per the normal arrangement. We managed to get a few long-lasting fights against clans and overall owned. Spark pixel cranked andrew To kick things off, we joined in on a cluster between Fatality, Ub and Rs and owned until we were the last clan in multi. Next we set up a fight against Fatality west of Bandits, roughly matched, we took an early lead and maintained it throughout the fight until Ub crashed. While both clans continued to get regroups in single, Outrage remained in multi the whole time and continued to dominate. Gf dudes. Despite begging us to leave them alone after what we put them through, Final Ownage decided to involve themselves with us once more. Somehow, despite being up 15, they managed to lose six people in the span of 30 seconds while Outrage lost nobody, lmfao. Final fight of the day came against Ub at 13 ports, the fight went back and forth for a period of time with both clans taking upper hand at times. Fight ended after about 35 minutes when it was crashed. Was a very fun trip, shame no audio but mobile warring is a blast Was a very fun trip, shame no audio but mobile warring is a blast

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