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Blitz U, Morris, Yawnz, Trent

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Jamz, Pixel

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2ndch4nce, Salvo

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Purple HatTeam-10 Cape

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Old School
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  1. <--- Jabba the Turk

  2. where u been man?... me and @Adam miss u...
  3. @*Lee @@Matt @@robbyy @@jamz @Adam
  4. Togo


    you still need to do mm2 and get 35 def brother...
  5. he def need to change the lyrics but i like the flow
  6. Your videos will not be posted on our topics if you do not have this in the intro to your POV
  7. 34 def is required btw @@Matt @@robbyy @*Lee @@Jamz @Adam @Chirpp @exzrts
  8. @Chirpp @Adam @@Matt @@Jamz @@robbyy
  9. I'm pulling up with that -It go doo doo doo @@robbyy @@Matt @*Lee @@Jamz @Adam
  10. Togo

    City Boyz

    wut u tryna say kid
  11. We tryna count up we tryna fuck these bitches @@Matt @@robbyy @Adam @*Lee

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