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  1. Paraysia

    papas new car

    „american whip“ german or gtfo bro
  2. Fuck a benz and fuck a rolex life is what u make it homie
  3. could only make 40 mins of the trip and fucked FO hard yeeeee
  4. very, very stressful 2 weeks for me, sorry for being so inactive guys. could not find the time or power to check forums or discord 😴

    trying my best to be on today 🙏❤️

    1. Pixel


      all good homie, sort out your situation 👍

    2. P00nage1337


      Hope everything goes well irl ❤️.

    3. Jamz


      no sweat bro, take your time!

  5. gz bro wait 4.5k KBD kills and still no pet? fuck fagex man
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