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    @Armchairs read above
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    It works in similar ways - if the attacking player is hit anywhere on the hand/arm it will be given as a free kick to the defending team (even if he cant do anything about it!!). But also, from my understanding - where in whatever situation where the striking of a player's hand/arm if it is impeding a potential shot on goal or cross, which may reach an attacking player and instead hits the defending player's hand/arm the decision will be a penalty. I know..fucked right it doesn't even matter if its accidental nowadays!
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    Well it kinda is tbh lol, no doubt arsenal will be involved in a controversial VAR decision this season!
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    After what happened with a "hand ball" (also the new hand ball laws are fucked) decision during yesterdays game between man city and spurs, affected the game as a spectacle, ruining the fan's experience - Imo it needs to be looked at. Skip to 1:48 and tell me your opinions
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    Smh fo dirty tactics
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    Rip 40m+ pk

    Unlucky gamer
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