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    Apparently FO during the EoP rivalry of last year as well as their clan in general have never tolerated doxing, ddosing and any scum nh activity, their only open retalliation that was apparent to their clan as well as enforced was the use of mains, fair play right? Fight fire with fire, but when you claim to have never doxed, never ddosed as well as removed anyone with that intent? You play victims and remove them publicly whilst still doing so behind the scenes? Word from their former High Council who pretty much ran their clan whilst being there: [12:55] 7i: foe always been decent at playing the victim card [12:55] Finn: I figured [12:55] 7i: pretending not to be involved with doxing or ddosing while being just as bad as eop was [12:56] Finn: They had like 10man main fallin on me and spammed my irl info [12:56] Finn: L0l [12:56] Finn: I got hit off 1hr straight [12:56] 7i: is this still happening ? [12:56] Finn: At our 1st rag war [12:56] Finn: Havent happened in few weeks [12:56] Finn: But my 1st weekend in O they did it [12:56] Finn: L0l [12:57] 7i: yeah there are 4 foe ranks with premade booters that actively use it [12:57] Finn: I baited them in sb for 5 hours straight after the trip [12:57] Finn: I got hit off by h2p [12:57] 7i: k2p is one of em indeed [12:58] 7i: where did my favorite leak luxx go [12:58] 7i: he used to be clan friend in here [13:00] 7i: yeah we had a lot of mains [13:00] 7i: couldn't case less, played eops game but just slightly better [13:01] 7i: It's not that nh right now [13:01] 7i: i mean they got parm who steps out of line and hit somebody off now and than or attempt to dox some1 [13:01] 7i: other than that they got hanu, k2p, remy and divine with booters So I guess that explains how both me and @Finn were railed offline that weekend as well as the First to 50 versus Rage and the weekend prior to that. You've abandoned pretty much everything that your clan stood for, you're not even a shadow of your formserselves as everything your clan stood for has been eradicated. What is FO now? A poor mans EoP, a clan that outpulls the enitre pure community and finds satisfaction crashing clans up 20-30 which their members have been finding boring as of late, they have attempted to better their quality in P2P yet still find no success and still are not willing to prep anyone with a chance of winning against them. Just close, there's literally no point for you to even continue anymore, everyone that built your clan would be ashamed of what you've turned into.
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    As you view our forums, you will find that Outrage is always up to something, be it a Midweek, PKRI, Miniwars, etc. We are quite clearly the most active Pure Clan on the game and as the most active Pure Clan, this means that our demand can sometimes exceed supply when it comes to clan locations. It is for this reason that we are expanding our network and offering the following: Weekend rates: 7-10m(Text) & 14-20m(Join.Me) Midweek rates: 3m/hit or 10m/day Contacts: @Pixel#0454 - @Robbyy#5580 - @2ndCh4nce#8901 - @Salvo#2658 - @nawe#8256 There is clearly no reason for you to be a part of any clan other than Outrage, unless you're interested in helping us meet our demand. Due to our high level of activity, you are almost guaranteed to make big money every week.
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    Man, when will these niggas learn? It's as if they enjoy bringing it upon themselves to be embarrased.
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    Real reason u went mia was cuz you leaked Eop locs to Foe and acted like no1 noticed, not because u are opening a "bar" You also tried to make a dox war happen l0l I'll find your alias, and make you my bitch dumb doggie
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    got a new profile pic,
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    I hated Nisekoi btw. How i made stuff back then:
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    ouch yea they dox me too years ago when I app there, funny kinda helps you realize you have nothing to hide.. no1 is perfect, no1 is has any less of a life worth living than anyone. too be critical on the way someone looks or talks or anything is toxic. Cringe as FUCK. don't get me wrong I'm one for a good joke, part of me will always love a little trolling and a little tit for tat. yet it's guys like a high council in foe where his trigger instinct is doing this.. Why people care to SEARCH for stuff like that is beyond cringe. Random pics get posted make your joke go on your way and leave it be.
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    with the boys @*Godae @*Sauce @Whale
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    24 accents to go with his 24 personalities
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    We asked one simple question of Final Ownage The answer: Same time tomorrow?
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    l0l Real talk though, what kind of morons see a freshly opened clan and start all this nh shit against them. Newsflash, fom recruited a lot of the naughty people anyways
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    I just wanna say thanks to all of you guys for being this nice to me since i just recently joined the teamspeak and the forums. Been speaking to some of you guys yesterday and can't wait to look forward to get known to more of you guys so we can hang arround sometimes. Also i have seen some video's and i see alot of good clips in here so i am just making my pure ready to make my official application for this clan. I just hope you guys feel the same way and we all will be cool together in the future. hopefully i will see you guys @ 2pm eastern / 7pm gmt today Love boys
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    Interesting that ever since EoP has gone, there seems to be more cancer than ever and it's mainly coming from the clan who cried wolf
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    Lol did not expect that. Also that K2P guy sounds like a tranny with a deep voice
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    Watch them somehow turn into the victim after reading this.
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    DO NOT CONNECT WITH THE OLD INFORMATION WHICH WAS TS.OUTRAGE-RS.COM THIS IS WHAT YOU CONNECT WITH NOW outrage.ts3chat.com outrage.ts3chat.com outrage.ts3chat.com outrage.ts3chat.com outrage.ts3chat.com outrage.ts3chat.com outrage.ts3chat.com outrage.ts3chat.com
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    These kind of posts are amusing but I'd be more interested in seeing who's responsible for taking the time to make these. On a side note, naturally friends are an understandable reason to join such clans, but for the people who just do it for the sake of joining a high pulling clan when there's not much competition, it's weird.
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    94 big grats me
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    guys a bigger psychopath than me
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    all me nobody else, maybe some help from chirpp. or all chirpp
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    how do we win with crap kids like you
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    thank you for not dying 7 times -[leader][warlord][special guest] @@Jamz
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    While fo get smoked in ft50s every week they don't matter, but then when Outrage finally lose something (in this case being a ft50), ft50s are suddenly a big deal? These bully victims have some weird personality disorders
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    good track, this right here is dumb as fuck though: like hell you're gonna point a grenade launcher at someone 2 feet away from you lmfao, if the blast doesn't kill you the shrapnel will.
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    that looked ownage, i'll be there to join the ownage tomorrow
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    grats big magermen
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    Damn dahhg how much you pay @Spark to record himself
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    not even 30k LMAO
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    Jamz is already a master of both
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    Friendly reminder that EOP literally bullied and demoralized both Fom and fi out of the HPC scene and forced everyone to go LPC after slaughtering #cluster124 LOOOOOL
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    Practice, practice. Practice make perfect, nigga it’s never too late !(Offset voice)!!
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